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de rosso

Silvia De Rosso is an Italian violist. She studied with Roberto Gini at the Conservatory of Music in Parma and with Bettina Hoffmann at the Conservatory of Music in Vicenza where she graduated with honors in 2015. She participated in masterclasses given by Alfredo Bernardini, Christophe Coin, Roy Goodman, Bettina Hoffmann, Monica Hugget, Ton Koopman. Extremely versatile, she plays in very important baroque music festivals in Italy and in Europe with all kinds of viols: bass, tenor, sopran, fiddle and also violone, baroque doublebass.

She recorded a CD with music composed by G. A. Perti and G. P. Colonna for the Dynamic record company in collaboration with Musica & Drama ensemble, D.S.G. ensemble and the Orchestra of Cappella Musicale Arcivescovile of the St. Petronio Basilica in Bologna. For the Frescobaldi Edition (Brilliant Classic) she recorded the complete Secular Vocal Works composed by G. Frescobaldi in collaboration with Modo Antiquo Orchestra. She also recorded a CD of Madrigals composed by F. Pasquali sponsored by Calabria Region.

At the present she teaches viol at the historical Scuola Musicale of Milano.

Violone in G and Doublebass

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